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Living Our Way to a Better Planet

Here we are. On the verge of another New Year. Closing yet another decade. And yet, so much more is happening than the simple passage of time. The planet that we live on is vibrating with insistence. Natural disasters are becoming more common, the fear…

solstice trees

The Blessings of Winter Solstice

Though our surroundings at this time of year relentlessly remind us of Christmas (unless you have spent the last 26 days under a rock, which might be preferrable), there is another event that I mark as most precious and under-acknowledged in common social circles: Winter…

buddha, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Making Space

Have you thought much lately about the spaces where you dive deep into your practice? The dance hall where you spin every Sunday… the retreat center that becomes home for a week each summer… the yoga studio that you stumble upon in the midst of…