Community Update : September 2020

After a full six weeks of being unplugged, wandering freely, allowing my soul to take a deep breath and feel fully both the exasperation and rightness of not knowing, it feels time to re-emerge. To attend to the fiery discourse that is blanketing our planet, examine our rage, our hope, our dismay, and our conviction through dance and discussion.

As I witness the fires burning across the landscape of humanity, both physically and metaphorically, there is no doubt that we need to stay in, together, as best we can. To assist each other as we walk through these flames, holding our disbelief and understanding equally, reflect to each other what can both barely be spoken and needs to be shouted aloud. To re-tool our bodies so that we can hold the enormity of all that has burned its way to the surface.

The image of the Phoenix Rising now transcends cliché, any whiff of hyperbole. It is the truth of the threshold on which we stand. We are covered in the ash of our forests, our broken systems, our complicity, and our singlemindedness. We are being asked to shake ourselves down to the magnificent plumes of our Inner Phoenix, both personally and collectively, however fragile and tentative that wing structure may feel in these unknown times.

To facilitate this dialogue of body and mind, I’m offering various online gatherings in the upcoming months. » See events

I realize that many in our community find Zoom to be less-than-ideal. You can count me in that category. And though I am a creature driven by physical contact and in-person intimacy, I am unwaveringly committed to keeping our community, my family, and humans that I don’t even know, safe.

This is why I have chosen to not develop small in-person movement events. I want our entire community to be included and taken care of. For us to take advantage of the online venues that allow us to stay connected in our work of spirit and service to self and one another during this COVID time.

Let’s keep stretching into these uncomfortable places together. I appreciate and value your presence, always.

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