Coronavirus & BodyMantra (3.13.20)

Friday, March 13, 2020

To My Blessed Community –

After careful consideration, I have decided to suspend BodyMantra classes for the time being, effective immediately.

» If you are registered for class on Saturday, March 14, please go here to learn more about how that will be handled

With the arrival of COVID-19 in Colorado and the uncertainty about the number of positive cases, given the lack of active testing in the state, it feels incumbent upon me to act in a socially responsible way. To me, this means actively contributing to containment efforts.

My intent is not to fuel panic or mistrust, but at the same time to honor the fact that this virus spreads easily and rapidly. Part of the practice of being in a community is to care both for self and the community, and that sometimes includes making hard decisions and compromises for the greater good.

When I read the news about more events being cancelled, social distancing being encouraged, and universities moving to on-line learning, it’s hard for me to justify bringing our community together with intimate contact when there is a chance – even if it is a small chance by some people’s measure – that we might propagate this virus. My hope is that by taking a pro-active stance, we can all come back together sooner rather than later, celebrating the good that comes from taking socially-responsible measures.

At the same time, my heart aches to be writing this. Knowing that this virus – whatever you believe about it – is leading to more separation in our world. And the irony is, if ever we needed more contact, more intimacy for healing, this would be the time. I am doing my best to build inner trust that the pain of this separatist moment is leading us to remember that touch, love, and intimacy are essential building blocks of human health.

I will be in contact again in the upcoming days, as my intention is to make space for us all to stay connected virtually. My greatest hope is that we can continue to look to each other in the BodyMantra community for support as we navigate this giant wave, finding yet another facet of amazing-ness that I know our community to have.

We have been through much together, my beloveds. This is one more opportunity for us to come together in love and intention for the planet and humanity.

Hugging each and every one of you, virtually – Kimberly


*  If you registered for class on March 14, I will be issuing a refund within the next 24 hours, given that I don’t know when classes will be re-instated. I will also refund all class registrations made through April, for those of you that signed up in advance. If you aren’t sure about your registration status, please feel free to reach out and we’ll get things squared away. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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