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"Being in Kimberly's presence is a powerful thing; she radiates authenticity, depth & presence."

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BodyMantra Winter Retreat

January 25 - February 1



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Join us in beautiful Chacala, Mexico for a deep dive into warm Pacific waters and the expansive landscape of your soul. Led in the BodyMantra tradition by founder Kimberly Jonas, our time will be focused on body-centered inquiry, designed to usher participants into an open dialogue with both body and spirit.

By stepping away from daily life and distractions, we give space for neglected, hidden, or suppressed aspects of ourselves to come forward and be heard. Over the course of the week, participants will be invited to unpack the stories of their current lives that need tending, to recalibrate to a place of balance and equanimity.

Most days will include two, 2-3 hour sessions of exploration, focusing primarily on unchoreographed, freeform movement set to an evocative musical backdrop. Sessions will follow the rhythm of our group as it unfolds, welcoming both the obvious and the obscure, with the intention of cultivating an environment for authentic self-revelation and healing as the week progresses. Some of our time will be spent in stillness and contemplation, others in wide, expansive movement and sounding. We will also take time to engage in conscious dialogue with each other, allowing participants both to be heard and to act as witness.

Please note that this is an interactive, community-based practice. A willingness to participate, to be seen and vulnerable, open to content that is uncomfortable or unfamiliar is a requirement. Participants are required to attend all sessions during the week – this is not a “come and go as you wish” retreat structure. If you are uncertain about whether or not this is a fit for you, please contact us via email to discuss.

» Learn more about the practice of BodyMantra
» See a sample schedule for the week



Kimberly will weave her expert facilitation into each session, speaking to conscious contemplations for the body and mind that will help both individuals and the group to surrender to what is most alive and present in each moment. While participants will be encouraged to move to the edges of their comfort zones in order to catalyze breakthrough and expansion, there will also be room for quiet, inward reflection for the moments when tenderness or uncertainty are present.

Additionally, throughout the week, Kimberly makes herself available to sit in one-on-one counsel with participants for short periods of time, supporting them to understand, unpack and transform content that arises during our sessions: “Kimberly’s intuitive insights were an unexpected gift of the week. Her ‘seeing’ allowed me to move through some very difficult emotions and experience profound healing.”

Midway through our week, participants are invited to join in an optional Temazcal – a sweat lodge led in the regional tradition. Ample free time will be available for strolling on the beach, resting in a hammock, playing in the ocean, or exploring the local area.

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Mar de Jade – Overview
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Praise from Participants
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Mar de Jade

The retreat is located at the beautiful, eco-conscious Mar de Jade Resort, located in the gentle curve of Chacala Bay, approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Mar de Jade welcomes people to a safe and loving atmosphere, where they can rest, nourish their spirit, and enjoy a simple way of life. Set between a tropical jungle mountainside and the sandy beach of the Pacific Ocean, it is surrounded by natural beauty and absolute tranquility.

We are pleased to partner with Mar de Jade, given their commitment to community service in the area, honoring the indigenous peoples and traditions.

The resort has artfully crafted buildings and rooms with carefully tended gardens and trees that contribute to a tasteful sense of luxury. There is a swimming pool, two hot tubs, WiFi in the main building, a spa, a meditation hall, and hammocks and palapas on the beach. Our movement sessions will take place in a beautiful retreat hall that has a wooden floor and magnificent views.


Mar de Jade offers 3 tiers of accommodation. Please note that, because Mar de Jade is a small resort, the most desired rooms can fill up quickly. We will always ask for your “second choice” for accommodation at registration time, in the event that your first choice is no longer available.

Ocean Rooms 
have an unobstructed ocean view and a small balcony or terrace. All have bathtubs, some have a separate shower. Some have futons and a separate sleeping space (appropriate for groups of 3-4 or families). Most are on the 3rd and 4th floors and require steps to climb.

Garden Rooms
 have a view of the lush tropical gardens and a small terrace or sitting area. They are all on the ground floor and face the ocean; some have a few steps, some have ramp access. All have bathtubs, some also have a separate shower and futon.

Guest Rooms
 are simple yet comfortable rooms for the budget conscious traveler, with small windows facing the jungle.

* All rooms have private bathrooms, natural bath amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner & body lotion), hot water, in-room mosquito-safe windows/doors, ceiling fans. Ocean and Garden rooms also have air conditioning, though it is rarely if ever needed, given the ocean breezes.



You can expect to be well-nourished with healthy, satisfying meals, served in the open-air community pavilion, which has spectacular views of Chacala Bay and the stunning daily sunsets. Three buffet-style meals are prepared each day by the chefs at Mar de Jade, featuring organic and locally produced foods. Many of the vegetables and fruits are harvested from Mar de Jade’s 17-acre organic farm. Chicken & fish are often served. No pork or red meats are included on the menu. Food sensitivities and preferences can be accommodated, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian.

From Kimberly:
I was delighted by the high-quality meals at Mar de Jade. Mexico can sometimes be pretty “iffy” as far as food goes. Not here. You’ll feel like you’re having a regular farm-to-table meal every time you sit down to eat. The staff prepares each meal with care and SOUL. A highlight of Mar de Jade!


Retreat Hall

We will be dancing in El Templo – “The Temple” – on the Mar de Jade property (how appropriate for BodyMantra!). It is a beautiful, wide-open space with an expansive wood floor, clerestory, and a 20-foot stretch of patio doors facing the ocean and daily sunsets.

A note about our daily schedule:
Due to the nature of this work, we will not have a schedule that is set in stone. As stated above, most days will include two sessions – please see below for a sample schedule from a previous year’s retreat. Participants are required to attend all sessions; this is not a “come and go as you wish” retreat structure.

Though the Temezcal (sweat lodge) is optional, we will encourage participants that choose to not enter to the lodge to be present with the rest of the group in prayer and reflection just outside of the lodge itself.

A sample schedule:

Saturday Arrival
7:45-9:00pm | Welcome

9:45-12:45 | Opening Session
4:00-6:00 | Afternoon Session

9:45-12:45 | Morning Session
4:00-6:00 | Afternoon Session

9:45-12:45 | Morning Session
4:00-6:00 | Temezcal
7:45-9:00 | Evening Session

* Integration time *
3:30-5:30 | Afternoon Session
7:30-9:00 | Evening Session

9:45-12:45 | Morning Session
4:00-6:00 | Afternoon Session

9:45-12:45 | Morning Session
4:00-6:00 | Afternoon Session
6:30 | Group Dinner & Celebration

Shuttle for airport


Amenities & Excursions

Spa treatments of massage, craniosacral, facials, and body scrubs provided by Mar de Jade staff are available throughout the week – sign up at the front desk is required.

The spa area boasts a beautiful, silent hot tub area that is open to the public in the evenings. A wonderful place for silent, end-of-day meditation.

Excursions to near-by attractions and activities are operated by local co-ops, and for an extra fee you can join a small group for snorkeling, whale watching, guided hiking, horseback riding, or surfing. Mar de Jade organizes these events – please contact them for more information.

From Kimberly:
I was fortunate to enjoy a massage last year from a visiting massage therapist (Mar de Jade often hosts American practitioners for one month periods). The spa area is gorgeous and cared for as sacred ground. Rooms open out to the quiet of the surrounding jungle area. A treat worth considering.

spa area_400SQ


The Nuts & Bolts

We’ve done our best to outline here the most important details for traveling to Mexico for this retreat, but certainly encourage you to do your own research about the area and the country so that you feel fully prepared – and excited! – for this event. If you have questions about the retreat details – pricing, payments, deadlines or other requirements – please email us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

If you would like to read the full Terms & Conditions that you will need to accept before signing up for this retreat, download the Mexico 2020 Agreement now. A summary of the primary terms is listed in the registration section below.


Because Mar de Jade is a small resort, room selection is based on availability at the time of your registration. For this reason, we do not allow automatic registration on-line – you must first email us to check room availability.

When you email us to inquire about room availability, please include:

  • Your first choice of room (i.e. Single Guest)
  • Your second choice of room (i.e. Standard Garden)
  • Your roommate choice, if you have made plans with someone

Additionally, if you have not experienced the BodyMantra practice with Kimberly before, please also email us about your experiences in the realms of movement practice and personal/spiritual inquiry.

Once we hear from you, we’ll confirm availability and send along a link for you to make payment. To activate your registration, you must make a payment of at least the $350 non-refundable deposit.

The 2020 Retreat is now FULL. We hope you’ll consider joining us next year!


An Early Bird savings of $225 is available through July 31. Costs below are full price.

STANDARD OCCUPANCY – price is per person
Standard rooms are double-occupancy. If there is someone specific that you would like to room with, please let us know that at the time of your registration. Otherwise, you will be paired with another retreat participant of the same gender.

We have a few Garden and Ocean rooms that will accommodate three people, should a group of three want to coordinate with each other during the registration process. These rooms are $275 less than Standard Occupancy rates. Please note that this option is only available for people who pre-plan to room together as a threesome.

Standard Ocean: $ 2330
Standard Garden:
$ 2155
Standard Guest: $ 1980

* NEW for 2020
SHARED DORM – price is per person
If four people would like to coordinate with each other to share a room, this is our lowest-priced option. These rooms have 4 twin beds – two downstairs, two in an upper loft.

4-person Dorm: $ 1690

We know that some folks love to room by themselves at retreats. That said, please know that Mar de Jade is a small resort that is often quite full during the winter months. As a result, single rooms are extremely limited. If a single room is not available when you register, please let us know if you would like to be put on a waitlist if one opens up down the road.

Single Garden: $ 2745
Single Guest: $ 2535

What is included in the prices listed above:

  • 7 nights lodging (Saturday – Friday)
  • 3 buffet-style meals daily (starting with dinner on the first Saturday; ending with breakfast on the last Saturday)
  • Ground transportation to and from Puerto Vallarta airport (only for arrival on Jan 25 & departure on Feb 1; otherwise, alternative arrangements are the sole responsibility of the participant)*
  • All BodyMantra sessions
  • Filtered drinking water (easily accessed throughout the property)
  • Optional morning yoga & meditation, offered by Mar de Jade staff

* Please note that shuttles are arranged to accommodate passengers arriving within 1-2 hours of one another, given the length of the drive from the airport to Mar de Jade; you may have a bit of a wait at the airport.

What is NOT included in the prices listed above:

  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation for days other than arrival on Jan 25 & departure on Feb 1 and/or to and from locations other than Puerto Vallarta airport and Mar de Jade
  • Gratuities for Mar de Jade staff
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Spa treatments, including tips
  • Gratuities for shuttle rides
  • Temazcal/Sweat lodge ($40)
  • Mar de Jade daytime excursions

» Description of accommodation types
» Deposit & Payment schedule
» Cancellation policy

Deposit & Payment Schedule

A $350 non-refundable deposit is part of every registration.

We’ve heard you and set up a payment plan option for Early Bird registration! 50% of your outstanding balance must be paid no later than July 31. The final 50% is due no later than October 1.

( Example: Standard Garden registration: $350 non-refundable deposit due upon registration. $790 due no later than July 31 and then again no later than October 1. [ $2155 – $225 EB savings – $350 deposit = $1980 ÷ 2 = $790 ] )

Registration between August 1 and October 31 requires a payment of 50% of the full retreat cost (includes non-refundable deposit of $350). The final balance is due no later than November 1.

Registration after November 1 requires payment in full.

* If you do not make your payments on time, we reserve the right to cancel your registration

Cancellation Policy

We will be making non-refundable deposits to third parties to make this retreat possible. The following cancellation fees apply to all registrations:

Cancellations before August 1:  $ 350
Cancellations August 1 – October 31:  $ 650
Cancellations November 1 – December 15:  $ 875

No refunds will be made after December 15.

If Kimberly needs to cancel the trip (for emergency purposes only), all fees not covered by travel insurance, including your deposit, will be reimbursed. Plane fare cannot be reimbursed.

green fruit_CIMG9844_400SQ

Traveling to Mexico

If you are not a Mexican citizen, you are required to have a valid, up-to-date passport for travel. Please plan plenty of time to get an updated passport before your day of departure. No visa is required for travelers from the US. If you are traveling from somewhere other than the US, please contact your Mexican Consulate or valid online references for travel requirements.
» US Passport & International Travel website

Given the scope of travel and financial commitments required for this retreat, we recommend that you seriously consider purchasing travel insurance to cover costs associated with trip interruption, cancellation due to illness, medical emergencies while traveling, etc.,. Because the truth is, unpredictable things happen. Our recommendation for excellent, affordable insurance is World Nomads. If you are booking your travel arrangements on a credit card, you can check with your credit card provider to understand what type of insurance they provide, if any.
» World Nomads website 

Mexico weather in January is generally very pleasant. 80’s during the day, 60’s at night. The waters of Chacala Bay are clean and very swimmable. Mar de Jade provides beach towels. Otherwise, pack your SPF, flip flops, light scarves, hat & suitable clothes for moving every day in the studio. Evenings can get breezy, so consider bringing a light fleece or warm wrap.

Credit cards – MasterCard and Visa only (no Amex or Discover) – may be used at Mar de Jade for spa services, bar purchases, gift shop purchases, and excursions. However, you’ll want to have some cash on-hand for tips, purchases in Chacala town and other areas (i.e. the airport). Airport shops will take US$, but you may want to consider exchanging some cash for Mexican pesos at the airport if you plan to make purchases not on the Mar de Jade property.

Puerto Vallarta and Mar de Jade are well-developed areas in Mexico and there is little risk of exposure to major disease in these areas. However, please take time to do the research online that will make you comfortable with this journey. Some resources:
» Mar de Jade website
» US Passport & International Travel website
» US.gov website – reference for International Travel

» Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website

Though Mar de Jade boasts an impeccable level of cleanliness and attention to food safety, washing & cooking with filtered water, we cannot guarantee that you won’t encounter a stomach bug during your time there. We recommend that you pack probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a basic parasite tincture (we like Herb Pharm and Wish Garden tinctures; Gaia Herbs also makes liquid capsules). Mar de Jade provides filtered water throughout the resort; bring a water bottle for regular refills.

Some other things we’ve found handy to have in our luggage:

  • Arnica, Advil and/or Tiger Balm for sore muscles
  • Essential oils for digestive health and good rest: Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium
  • Personal journal
  • Mosquito protection
  • Shoulder bag/backpack for toting things to and from our daily sessions
  • Water bottle

Don’t see an answer to your questions here?

Please visit Mar de Jade’s comprehensive online FAQs for more detail


Praise for the Mexico Winter Retreats

Kimberly is a master movement instructor, group facilitator and personal guide. Mix this with her talent of setting up a safe sacred space along with her ability to trust and support each person’s process and that makes her one of the best I have ever experienced over the last 30+ years of doing personal and spiritual retreats.

You come together for seven days with a number of very mature, conscious people who have a strong interest and desire to be present, to drop into their bodies, drop into their being, to consciously witness and be witnessed without masks, without predictable, comfortable, habitual movements. We basically put ourselves in very altered states, naturally and consciously, and then we move and interact with others who are also in very altered states, and we see how it feels and we see what happens. It is like developing a whole different way to be, way to interact, way to talk and communicate, to relate to yourself and others.

I came away from the retreat much more “myself” and integrated many parts of myself that I had not been acknowledging or had not known what to do with.  I made friends with parts of myself that I had never wanted to befriend, parts that I was ashamed of, truth be told, and I started new relationships with myself that I secretly knew, deep down, that I desperately wanted to have.

Kimberly’s BodyMantra Mexico retreat was more than balm for the soul; it was invigorating, true and deep connection with myself, with the other participants, and with the gorgeous land and ocean. I’ve attended movement retreats in some of the world’s most beautiful locations for more than 15 years, and this BodyMantra retreat was far and above the most nourishing I’ve ever experienced. The amazing organic food, the wonderful Mar de Jade staff (family, really), the beach and ocean, the other retreat participants, and Kimberly herself made this time nothing short of magical. I’ll be back year after year.

Delightful. The retreat provided sanctuary from daily routines and old habits – and space to just “be.” I had time, support and practice in attuning myself to a whole different level of awareness and presence.

Though I’ve been dancing BodyMantra for years, the 2018 Retreat in Mexico was my first. It was a joyous and love filled experience. Nothing but open land separates the window filled dance space from the ocean, with the soothing sound of waves crashing gently in the background. It was in this space the Kimberly led our group deeper into ourselves and deeper into community, while also expertly guiding us in the physical, emotional and energetic art of this dance exploration. Kimberly’s skill in holding space is unmatched; she seems to be calling everyone into their higher selves, and this is reflected in the way the group grew closer together, like a loving family of choice. If you like BodyMantra, you will love the retreat. Life at the retreat is so good, the only downside is it becomes hard to go back to ‘regular’ life after the retreat is over.

Kimberly, from you I received the gift that I am now claiming my deep, powerful, connected, illuminated self in my body and I am opening to receive whatever wisdom, information and inspiration comes from that space.  I have such deep gratitude for your commitment to providing a sacred, safe space with incredible intention, deep knowing and intuitive clarity. My week at Mar de Jade was life changing and magical. I will carry it with me as one of those peak experiences that I will revisit and continue to process and integrate as time goes on.

The Mexico retreat, in a word, was other-worldly. The pulses between spiritual/physical, individual/collective, and expansion/introspection ebbed and flowed. I enjoyed the yummy goodness of community – connecting, sharing, supporting, affirming, loving and soaking up authenticity and vulnerability.

Our intention for this retreat was to deepen our dance and our relationship. What transpired was more than we imagined. The the safety and intimacy of the group was powerful. Kimberly’s exquisite and nuanced insights and inspirations, for both of us individually and as a couple, resulted in our best vacation yet! Forever grateful –

Having attended BodyMantra only a handful of times, I was looking forward to the retreat as an opportunity to immerse myself in the practice. What a wondrous surprise to find a level of spiritual awareness and practice I had never experienced before. Kimberly was a compassionate and intuitive guide, and our community was nurturing and encouraging.

Kimberly’s BodyMantra retreats in Mexico have given me a yearly measurement of significant growth and expansion—physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My 75 year old body has become stronger year by year, allowing me to dance unimpeded, climb the hillsides to the stunning guest accommodations, and swim joyfully in the ocean…punctuated by knowing when to rest.  This work has opened me to new strength, wisdom and compassion in supporting family members’ and friends’ illnesses and deaths.  Under Kimberly’s watchful guidance, I’m attuning more acutely to messages from Spirit, opening to more possibilities and a higher expression of my potential.


January 25
February 1
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