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May 8, 2020 update:

My podcast is now available on the following platforms:
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Pocket Casts

During this last week of self-sheltering, I have felt so inspired to write and write and write. Many of you know that writing is a happy place for me. It’s how I stay connected to The Divine, keeping a channel open to hear what I need to hear. I’m always amazed, really, how I can sit down with little more than a tiny speck of a feeling or thought and if I let go into the process – some might call it connecting to The Muse – the words coming pouring out.

With the state that our nation and world are in right now, there is no shortage of content to consider. I’ve been wondering a bit about how to keep exploring and sharing relevant material without adding to everyone’s load – because I think we’re all a little maxed out right now.

So I started thinking about how I regulate input in my own life. One of my favorite mediums is the podcast. Because I can listen when I want, for as long as I want, when I’m walking, when I’m cooking, when I’m sitting with a cup of tea. The point being: not sitting in front of a computer or phone screen to enjoy it.

With that little nugget of realization, I decided to spend much of my time last week developing a podcast platform to translate my writings, teachings and musings into spoken word. Afterall, this is what I do when I facilitate my BodyMantra classes – offering things to ponder, to move through our bodies, to put into practice so that we elevate ourselves as much as possible.

And so I give you …

BodyMantra with Kimberly Jonas

** A podcast dedicated to conscious thinking and action, asking us each to look at our part in the greater whole. **

For now, the podcast is only on Spotify. With COVID-19, getting on additional platforms like Apple and Google are taking a lot more time. But I didn’t want to wait. You can either search for “Kimberly Jonas” or “BodyMantra” in the Spotify app, or just go there right now from here:


I’ll be adding episodes on a regular basis in the upcoming days and weeks. Click “Follow” on the podcast to stay current with new episodes. I look forward to hearing your feedback and welcome suggestions and questions for podcast topics that would support you at this time.

My love to all.

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