I’m a big believer in getting help from others – reaching out for support when you’re stuck, overwhelmed or feeling downright lost. Not to mention the times when you’re cruising along and just want a little extra insight to keep you moving in the right direction.

That’s what one-on-one time with me is about: targeted, meaningful, productive and loving support.

Whatever has spurred you to come to this page on my website, consider bringing it into a series of private sessions with me. We’ll step right up to your fears, concerns, questions, curiosity, and hope … together.

I work primarily on a project basis, knowing that contained, targeted time together is the best way to manifest breakthrough. However, if you want a quick shot of focused time with me, or want a taste of what a 3-month journey might feel like, I have a limited number of single sessions available.

For people in the Boulder area, I offer a few office hours per week (Monday and Wednesday afternoons) to provide focused, hands-on energy work.

That said, I still perform energy work and embodiment coaching when we work online. Here’s what people say about working with me remotely:

“At first I doubted whether an online session with Kimberly would be effective, having physically been on her table countless times over the years. But it turns out that she is able to connect heart-to-heart through the ether in a way that is nothing short of miraculous.”

“Everything I love about Kimberly comes through loud and clear over Zoom. Her endless empathy, meaningful listening style, way with words, unearthly wisdom, ability to ask the tough questions from a place of true care and kindness, and unrivaled knack for getting to the real heart of it (which, to be honest, was equally painful and beautiful!). Plus virtual sessions are ultra convenient.”

The 3-month Journey

With nearly 20 years of one-on-one work under my belt, I’ve come to learn a lot about what structures best support people that are doing the serious work of soul searching and initiating great change in their lives. This 3-month journey takes the best of those structures and puts them into action.

Bi-weekly Connection
We will choose a set time every two weeks to connect face-to-face so that we are creating consistency. This interval gives you time in between our sessions to integrate, reflect and see how new practices play out in your everyday life. If sessions are closer together, it can get overwhelming and lead to paralysis. If sessions are further apart, we lose contact and I find that people often “check out” of the process. This is why I choose to work in the bi-weekly sweet spot.

It’s A Physical Thing
My work is about connecting and aligning your spiritual and physical experiences. Inevitably, when something in our life is “out of whack,” there are associated physical symptoms: headaches, insomnia, problems with digestion, regular feelings of discomfort or upset, immune system weakness, disease, mental fogginess… just to name a few. We will take a good look at how your body is handling (or not) what is going on in your life. We will help you to develop a level of body awareness that will contribute to your overall healing and breakthrough.

This word gets a bad rap. I’m on a mission to change that. Because what we are doing together does require work – at home, on your own. But it doesn’t have to be the enemy. Our homework is intended to help you develop good habits around changing behavior, thought patterns and choice-making in your life. Sometimes the homework will feel easy and exhilarating. Sometimes it will feel hard and confusing. The point is that you need to put one foot in front of the other with intention and consistency in order for things to change. This is an essential part of our work together. In order for you to see and feel results, you will have to be engaged throughout the 3 months, rather than just when we are together for our sessions.

Locals Only: Body-based Work
One of my clients refers to me as the “energetic Rolfer.” The idea being that I am able to get into and work with the deep, hidden, cellular-level structures of the energetic body and orchestrate lasting change. My primary tools are Reiki (energy work) and subtle manual work. My touch is gentle, though potent, and I will always involve you in the process by sharing specifics of what your body is manifesting and why. The work involves you lying on a massage table – much like when you receive traditional bodywork. *Please note that I do not provide what you might call “traditional bodywork services.” While my work does involve touch, I move the physical body through energy work, rather than deep, manual manipulation.

This work is for you if you are:

  • Needing support to move through a tough time in your life
  • Wanting to bring better communication to your primary relationships
  • Seeking insight and direction about your purpose and path in life
  • Interested in taking a good look at your unhealthy patterns of behavior and how you can change them
  • Motivated to take responsibility for your own process and progress
  • Ready to take 3 months to immerse yourself in a new way of approaching your life

This work is not for you if you are:

  • Seeking on-going talk therapy
  • Looking for someone to be a “yes person” or to “fix” things for you
  • Unwilling to engage in the necessary process of homework in between our sessions

Not sure if it’s right for you?

3-month Journey

The cost: $1095

What’s included:
  • Six one-hour Skype, phone or in person sessions, bi-weekly
  • Targeted, personalized homework designed to help you take action and initiate change

» Email to book your time with me now

Single Session

60 minutes (online or in person)

The cost: $175

This is your chance to bring one burning question forward and for us to meet it head-on. I’ll encourage you to email me before our session with an overview of what you want to address so that we can hit the ground running. I use the same principles in my single session work as I do for my 3-month journeys – read about that here.

» Email to book your time with me now

* If you are using a single session to test the waters with me and decide that you are ready to dive into a 3-month journey afterward, I’ll extend you a $75 discount.

FAQs : Working with Kimberly

How does your work differ from on-going therapy?
When you work with me, I ask that you choose a particular intention that acts as a touchstone for all of our work, including homework and communication in between sessions. In short, your specific goals, intentions and desires act as the fuel source for our time together; they will help to keep us focused, energized and active in our inquiry. I’m also a big believer that working with a timeline – 3 months, in this case – breeds tremendous focus, commitment and potential for your greatest transformation.

In contrast, while on-going therapy encourages self inquiry, it can lack the structure that helps you to stay engaged and fired up on your journey; I have found that this can unintentionally lead to stagnation, complacency and loss of focus.

Is a 3-month option my only choice for working with you regularly?
No. You are always welcome to come in on a less regular basis through my Single Session offerings.

And, I am happy for people to come back for multiple 3-month stints over time. However, I will encourage you to take time in between 3-month journeys to put our work into play on your own – even if that is for just a few weeks’ time. This will be different for every person and we’ll talk about what is best for you.

I’m not sure how to define a focus for our sessions. Can you give me an idea of what we might work on together?
I refer to my work as intention-based. I like the word intention because it is broad and gives a lot of room for interpretation, while still implying a sense of focus and action.

intention |inˈtenCHən| – noun : a thing intended; an aim or plan

Some intentions for our work might be:

  • Identifying and breaking old patterns of behavior
  • Working with specific emotional content that is present in your life at the moment: fear, grief, confusion, anger
  • Addressing a specific desire or longing that you have – something that you want to create or attract in your life (new job, partner, friendships, community, creativity, sense of purpose)
  • Building better communication skills with others
  • Developing a better understanding of how you repress/suppress challenging emotional content in your body and how to unlock that
  • Learning more about your tendencies to unconsciously undermine your sense of inner power and strength and how to shift those choices
  • Attending to any major life transition (moving, marriage, death, divorce, leaving a relationship, starting a relationship, changing jobs, starting school, ending school)
  • Understanding how your blood family and ancestry have affected your development and taking steps to embrace or let go of certain aspects of your heritage
  • Developing a more conscious connection to your body
  • Attending your trauma responses by identifying their source and teaching your mind and body how to respond differently

Can I pay in installments?
Yes. If the lump sum payment doesn’t work for you, you may pay in two (2)  installments of $510 each. Installments must be paid prior to our first and fourth sessions.

If I feel like I don’t get what I expected after working with you, can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of this work – which is impossible to measure objectively  – I do not provide the opportunity for refunds. Please take some time to read what others have to say about working with me to understand the quality and effectiveness of what I do.

That said, I do provide the offer of a single, focused session with me before you commit to a 3-month journey so that you can get a sense of me and how I work. If it feels like a fit for you, you’ll receive a $75 discount when you sign up for a 3-month journey.

Praise for Kimberly Jonas

Working with Kimberly has helped me access parts of myself that I normally don’t connect with on my own. After visiting with her, I am able to meet myself, my challenges and my life with greater compassion and lightness. The work doesn’t “fade away,” in my experience. Rather, it reveals and extends itself in ways that continually surprise and delight me. Ultimately and thankfully, I am able to let in more light for myself, those around me, and this ever-changing planet.

Kimberly’s work is deep and soulful. She touches and helps heal parts of my being that I can’t access on my own. The insights I gain are sometimes confirmation of knowing, and sometimes like a splash of cold water on my face. I can’t recommend her work enough.

The work Kimberly and I have done has involved serious, profound recovery and growth. I came to her in the midst of enormous life transition that would not resolve in any way that I knew. I believe there to be times when our old methods for expansion of heart and soul are no longer useful or productive and that finding new tools requires an honesty about parts of ourselves that have remained hidden. Kimberly has been the guide that helped me open to these most difficult places. Her depth of awareness in psychological, spiritual and life issues is astounding. There has not been an edge that she could not or would not step towards with me, offering me courage and insight along the way. In the safety of her open mind and heart Kimberly came with me and guided me through what I consider to be one of the greatest healings of my lifetime. It is fair to say that I am new, and it has been her straightforward work that has given words and ground to what I have been seeking. Do not work with her if you are unwilling to climb the mountain or take the leap. She is the eyes, the keeper and the holder of the rope during the falls. My respect for her integrity is unparalleled. She is, without reservation, brilliant.

Working with Kimberly has been transforming for me. Because of my previous experiences—which were primarily talk therapies—I wondered, after my first session, how I would benefit as it seemed powerful, but subtle relative to what I was use to. I came to realize quickly the amazing effects of Kimberly’s approach. She accesses, and teaches one to access, a body wisdom that enables healing to continue because it feels like it comes from the inside out. She has helped me to overcome deeply rooted lifetime struggles that had been impossible to fully ‘crack’ through traditional psychotherapy. The benefits of a session don’t stop when you walk out the door. I could not recommend Kimberly more highly.

Kimberly’s presence, touch, and therapeutic skill always invite and guide me into deeper self connection and understanding of “what’s going on” with me. I feel the layers of my noisy, busy mind fall away, and I’m left in direct awareness of what is present and at work in me. Through her intuitive and perceptive abilities, not only do I feel and see myself; but as she works, I feel the healing reconnections, reorganizations, and necessary “letting-go’s.” This leaves me with information that I can continue to be aware of and integrate after the session.

One of my darkest hours led me into Kimberly’s office. I had recently begun to lose my hair and was afraid, angry, and traumatized.  With the loss of every strand of hair I began to lose confidence; my self-esteem was eroding and I did not know how to move and be in the world.  Doctors diagnosed me with alopecia totalis, or a total loss of hair.

Kimberly has a unique ability to peer into the unseen, work with spirit guides, balance imbalances, nudge gently, and work a type of magic I’ve never experienced until I crossed the threshold of her office. Through my work with her, I am on my path of living a more authentic, soul centered, fulfilled life. I have learned how to discern fear versus reality, unearthing the nuggets of truth for healing and transformation. Kimberly has helped me find my center, my compass, my voice. Through our work together I know how to surrender, to let go of my mentally visualized life, accepting the beauty of now. Because of our work, I am better able to float on the tides of life, less fearful and more resourced to digest life as it comes to me, purely as it is.

Kimberly is a wonder! A genuine healer, intuitive, beauty, and light in the world. Our work together has truly changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. Kimberly’s gentle and clear reflection help me to connect with my own innate wisdom and knowing. Her seemingly endless patience and compassion allow me to uncover parts of myself that are stuck and to gain the confidence to delve into areas that previously felt too scary to explore. Since working with her, I have become more embodied, more confident, and gained physical and emotional strength. Not only do I see the benefit of our work in my own life, I also see what a difference Kimberly’s work makes in the lives of countless others. And through that, how it is rippling out and helping to change the world.