“I write poetry with the hope of touching Souls and opening my own.” – Kimberly


Raise your hands in prayer
for this body you have
been given.

Bow in humble reverence
for the life that extends
before you.

Throw your arms wide
open to the gift of those
that stand beside you...

The Noble Quest

My father
My mother
My teachers
told me
that resting was not
a noble quest.

That diving into
the dream world
for unmeasured
amounts of time...


What keeps you from
releasing your white-
knuckle grip on
the reins of your life?

Is it your fear of
succumbing to
runaway horses,
to the possibility of
an overturned chariot...


Do not choose for me,
make up my mind for me.
Point me in the direction
you would like me to go,
think I should go.
Tell me the answer to
questions I cannot yet hear ...

Unleashing Gratitude

The soul has not to
create gratitude.

It need not put together
a fragile nest of twigs,
utter a silent,
desperate prayer
as it strikes the flint...


As the waters
steadily rise,
building into a
tempestuous wall of
inky blue foam and spray,
your instinct clamoring,
desperately calling you
to higher ground...


As you rise for another day,
do not leave the
quiet, wild center of you
that has been
dancing in the night.

Stay present to
the temple of all temples,
bowing deeply to
the steadfast altar...

The Gift

A storm is coming.
One that will sweep you
off your feet
before you even know
it has arrived.

This is how the gods
like to work sometimes.

Unapologetic insistence...


You have a choice.

A choice to change
your thoughts,
your movements,
your prayers and dreams.

To respond in a way that
speaks the truth
of your soul...

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