Raise your hands in prayer
for this body you have been given.
Bow in humble reverence
for the life that extends before you.
Throw your arms wide open
to the gift of those that stand beside you.

When you have misgivings about
whether it’s worth it and
whether you are worthy,
examining the meaning of life and
the meaninglessness of it all,
wondering how to hold all the love and
if you will ever find true love,
gently close your eyes,
fill your lungs with sweet, full breath,
and take a moment to remember.

To remember that you are given this life
to live these very questions,
to extend yourself to the crazy-making
edges of the spectrum of being human,
Paradox the undercurrent that
beckons you, leads you, propels you to
envelop yourself in the fiery challenge of
duality and contrast,
draw in the hazy landscape of
uncertainty and change so that
you can return to the heart of you,
seat yourself at the center of you,
acknowledging the extremes as
essential muses that lead you to feel
more alive and curious than ever.

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