We all possess a
great, shared skill.

When feeling
unsafe, unseen,
backed into a corner
for no apparent reason,
we have all learned to
spin a flawless cocoon
that serves as
shield and sanctuary,
armor and refuge,
deftly keeping us
one step away
from the thing that
might pierce us,
bring us to harm.
Our mastery has
made this second nature,
an action taken
in the blink of an eye,
no thought,
all certainty.

And yet we are
silently shackled
by this common gift.

We have unwittingly
blinded ourselves
with silken threads,
obscured from
the passage of time,
the healing nature of
age and wisdom,
allowing a veil of
repetition and reinforcement
to separate us from
the prospect of
a new reality.

We must not remain bound,
forever cloaked by
a temporary defense
turned permanent offense,
our reptilian intelligence
turned to erosive routine.
We must endeavor to
keep these filaments
fluid and loose,
clear of complacency,
ready to unwind, unbind,
set us free from ourselves.

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