What keeps you from
releasing your white-knuckle grip
on the reins of your life?
Is it your fear of succumbing to
runaway horses, to the possibility of
an overturned chariot that leaves you
face down in the mud,
no safe haven nearby?

Have faith, my friend.

Loosen your grasp so that
each mark you make in the earth is
encircled by a solid outline of trust,
leaving behind the fleeting perfection of
steps taken at the crack of a whip.
Release your mind-filled chokehold that
stems from exaggerated fear,
faulty predictions of what is yet to come.

This illusion of control will merely keep you
on the long road to nowhere.

Yes, the bumps and sinkholes
will most certainly remain,
the terrain never quite predictable,
challenging you to give yourself over to
inexplicable forces that will
test your conviction,
stretch your inner resolve.

Still, you must abandon all belief
that clinging more tightly will
make things better, safer, understandable.
For these are qualities that cannot exist
if throttled by the very hand
that can set them free.

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