As you rise for another day,
do not leave the quiet, wild center of you
that has been dancing in the night.
Stay present to the temple of all temples,
bowing deeply to the steadfast altar
that beckons you to pray the prayer
that you did not know was there.
Only your small mind can limit
this vast nave that echoes the
poetry of your deepest, greatest longing,
holds council for the ones of you
that must gather to find concensus.
Open your eyes wide to this sanctuary,
where the soul can be reminded of
what it is to sing in devotion,
drop down to its knees in surrender.
You are the one that must
light the candles, hush the distractions,
tend well the windows and doors,
so that this place is kept
holy, awake and alive.

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Reading of [untitled] night temple
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