Cycles & Seasons Poems


All life moves in cycles. Our Earth world thrives on motion and change, both small and large, imposing and subtle. As humans, we are but one part of a matrix of powerful forces that can serve as our greatest guides. By aligning with the rhythms that surround us – shifting patterns of season, wildlife, plants, stars, moon and sun – we come into harmony with the natural, ever-changing waves of our own, primal rhythms.

This collection initiates a dialogue with Nature, each poem inviting you to acknowledge your essential, cyclical nature, drink in the wisdom of the life cycles that surround you. The poems are intended to spark your curiosity about the mysterious and evocative qualities of the wild and to remind you that you are an integral part of Mother Nature’s great tableau.

The poems of this collection:
Natural Rhythms
A Good Day
Sap Rising
Against the Grain
Digging Deep
Summer’s Call
Curling Inward
The Soul of Winter

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