Surrender Poems


No matter where you live, how you live, what religion you do or do not practice, your family of origin and all of the other factors that make you unique, there is one common path to living a life free of suffering: Surrender.

The more we hold onto our lives with an iron grip, the more we are likely to feel the pain of unmet expectation and disappointment. As we let go and develop a relationship to Trust, aligning with forces greater than ourselves, we open to the possibility of outcomes that we could never have imagined.

This collection of poems will remind you, again and again, to surrender. To take a good, long look at how you hang on, hold on, create scenarios of control. They will remind you what it feels like to surrender your will, while never letting go of your passion and dreams.

The poems of this collection:
[untitled] no work
[untitled] freefall
Wild The Mustangs
The Way
To Be Done
Between Breaths
The Story of Rest
[untitled] tears

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