Walkabout Poems


For millennia, the Walkabout has served as a rite of passage for young Aboriginal Australian men; a period during which they walk out into the wilds of the bush to claim their passage into adulthood. It is not just a single point in time or an experience with a definitive beginning and end. Rather, the Walkabout is a process, a journey of crossing a threshold from one part of life into the next.

This collection pays homage to the Modern Walkabout. To the times when you are consciously stepping into a new phase of your life, leaving behind old stories and ways of being. The poems bow to the wide range of experience and emotion that accompanies radical transformation, from the often-present sense of confusion, fear and loss of identity, to the breakthrough moments of celebration and soul revelation.

The poems of this collection:
Out to Sea
Hearts Afire
The Golden Thread
Soul Lodge
The Sand & The Pearl
The Bridge
[untitled] stop & smell the flowers
The Road to Ecstasy

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