Ushering in A New Year

New Year

Savor the quiver of anticipation
as you stand on the threshold
of this brand new year,
pausing to close your eyes,
breathe in fully the exquisite, tenuous
scent of this moment in which
past, present and future are suspended.

Allow yourself to descend into
the sensation of emptiness,
settle into this singular, concentrated
point in time that asks you to
stretch yourself between
endings left behind,
beginnings yet to come.

Embrace this nearly imperceptible pause,
a gift knocking briefly on your door,
waking you to the delicate balance
between choice and destiny,
a window of time, an opening
inviting you beyond
the expiring definition of who you are,
into the realm of all that is possible,
all that you are meant to become.

© Kimberly Jonas

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