Kimberly has been downright PIVOTAL for my growth, evolution, and peace of mind. She shines an inspiring and encouraging light forward so that I can step with more confidence and grace onto the path that lies ahead. // MARY

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Kimberly has a refined awareness of subtle and soul energies that meet the practical necessities of health in the body. She is the rare person who has integrated this whole range into a body of work that is both as subtle as I have known and as physically palpable as I have needed. I am so grateful to have been touched by Kimberly and her work. // FINN

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Kimberly’s work is deep and soulful. She touches and helps heal parts of my being that I can’t access on my own. The insights I gain are sometimes confirmation of knowing, and sometimes like a splash of cold water on my face. I can’t recommend her work enough. // HOLLIE

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Kimberly is a wonder! Her seemingly endless patience and compassion allow me to uncover parts of myself that are stuck and to gain the confidence to delve into areas that previously felt too scary to explore. Since working with her, I have become more embodied, more confident, and gained physical and emotional strength. // JILL

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I’ve witnessed the energy shift in a physical space, in a room full of people, and within myself, simply by the mere presence of Kimberly Jonas. She can turn a dull, old room into a sanguine sanctuary. I believe Kimberly is one who “sees in the dark”, the quintessential healer, a master at tracking and tuning in, and who holds all that wants to emerge from the moment as sacred. // BJ

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