liability waiver

When registering for and participating in any Kimberly Jonas LLC event, including those under the trademark BodyMantra, you agree to the below terms:

My participation in any BodyMantra experience is truly voluntary and at my own risk. I release and take responsibility for any activity I participate in that is provided by BodyMantra, a trade name of Kimberly Jonas, LLC.

I understand that BodyMantra activities may involve physical strenuous exercise and risk of bodily injury. I further understand that BodyMantra is a spiritual practice that may result in the activation of complex emotional and psychological material, through the teachings themselves and/or interactions with other community members.

With this knowledge, I release and indemnify BodyMantra, and therefore Kimberly Jonas, LLC, from any liability for any claims, demands, injuries, actions, or causes of actions to my person or property arising out of or connected with the undertaking of or participation in any of the services they provide.

I have carefully read with a full, definite and clear understanding the foregoing provisions and freely enter into the agreement of this waiver/release.

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