I’m a bodyworker and an energyworker.
A writer and a channel.

I love to explore the soul. To ask questions that encourage expansion and self-understanding. I don’t shy away from the dark places, but rather lean in and ask them to inform and transform. At the same time, I’m committed to stripping away unnecessary angst and repetitive drama so that more ease can shine through.

I believe that if we commit to authenticity (with ourselves and with others) and learn how to be present with What Is (rather than what we Wish Would Be), we create an environment in which we can thrive and move more naturally toward that which we desire.

my work

Since the turn of the century (I love being able to use that phrase!), I’ve guided thousands of souls on their personal journeys, helping them to become more embodied and self-aware, present and grounded. 


The techniques and practices I teach entwine energy and physical practices together – for I happen to believe that focusing on just one or the other usually leaves a huge hole in our healing process.

I’ve worked with people through periods of intense grief and loss, passages of soul-searching when they feel lost or untethered, and times of lethargy and confusion. I have also moved through stretches of tremendous expansion, self-revelation and intentional metamorphosis with many others.

The point being: All must be welcomed as we work together toward healing and transformation.

my work

I am not a licensed therapist. My skills have been shaped over three decades of self-guided study and standing in the center of storms and breakthroughs with clients and students from different walks of life. Bolstered by my own sagas and personal work with brilliant healers.

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and bring all of those gifts to bear in what I offer.

I work with energy medicine both as a Reiki Master and as an essential oil therapist. I am committed to letting Spirit guide me/us, while engaging my belief that we can shape our path forward if we listen with humility and openness beyond the trappings of our minds and our past.

And given how the world is today – marked by great polarity, shocking extremes, and never-ending over-stimulation – I feel called more than ever to challenge us to stand for something different together.

To do our work to clean up old wounds, raise our vibration, stand strong in our bodies as they are, so that we can be a force of good amidst the chaos.

If you’d like to understand how I got here...

I didn’t just wake up one day when I was young with A Knowing. Sure, my inner Intuitive was probably always there, but it took a long time for me to uncover her.

I went through years of academia and corporate ladder-climbing, another handful of years trying to recover from [self-induced-plus-corporate-supported] chronic fatigue while running a large studio/spa operation focused on yoga, meditation and dance. I struggled with digestive issues and illness every time I took time away from work.

It wasn’t until I cleared myself of all of those obligations and was working for myself that a new frontier started to reveal itself.

I came to realize how much I had relied on my body’s ability to manage, dodge, suppress, and heal-just-enough to keep me going. How I had engaged my practices in the energy realms to help me narrowly escape, dissociate, and avoid the tough stuff. Talking the talk, but not yet fully walking it.

That’s when things started to coalesce. When all of my teachings and facilitation started to incorporate and uplift the time-tested, can’t-put-it-any-more-simply three word mantra:


That’s also when I started to experience true healing in my own mind, body and spirit.


A rich amalgam of tools, rituals, writings and teachings designed to help people cultivate equilibrium amidst the natural ebb and flow of life.

Everyone’s story is unique. No one person’s story more important than another. But one thing that I have found is common to all of us is our humanity.

Our desire to see and be seen.

To feel ourselves and others more fully.

To live with a level of presence and acceptance that gives us hope for the future, both in this life and beyond.

Ultimately, that’s what I intend with all of my work:
To help us all understand, accept and embrace our humanity while tending to the arc of the soul.

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