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Community Update : September 2020

After a full six weeks of being unplugged, wandering freely, allowing my soul to take a deep breath and feel fully both the exasperation and rightness of not knowing, it feels time to re-emerge. To attend to the fiery discourse that is blanketing our planet,…

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Noble Action

We must do the things we believe to be noble.Not just talk about them or tuck them away in a journal,never to be ventilated by action. We must believe that we have the power to level the playing field,to give voice and shape to our…


Community Update : May 2020

To My Community, both local and far-and-wide : I am here. You are in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers. Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking about our community and how the pandemic circumstances have already changed us immensely. As I…

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