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Resilience in Difficult Times

True resilience is rarely born of a toughened spirit, the gritting of teeth and wrenching of muscle that pulls us out of a bog by the skin of our teeth. For while this effort may remove us from situations of peril and trauma, rarely does…

unfurling mum


TRANSITIONS give us the opportunity to practice moderation. To enter into conscious communion with a gradual crescendo, an intentional, measured leaning toward our next step forward. Allowing our metamorphosis to progress graciously so that we can stand witness to and absorb each note of the…

Robin's Eggs

Spring : Rebirth

Each spring, we are invited to enter into the magnificent and tumultuous turning of the earth. A rite of passage that asks us to shed the weight of winter, draw ourselves over the threshold from hibernation to revelation. And while the show of spring is…

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