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Voice of the Vote

There are times when we are calledto raise our voicesabove the din offalsehood and hatred,set ablaze the wrongs ofinequity and greed,scribe indelibly our one vote to ensurethat we are nottorn apart at the seams,that injustice does notwin over graceby a head’s length –times when we…

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Community Update : September 2020

After a full six weeks of being unplugged, wandering freely, allowing my soul to take a deep breath and feel fully both the exasperation and rightness of not knowing, it feels time to re-emerge. To attend to the fiery discourse that is blanketing our planet,…

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Noble Action

We must do the things we believe to be noble.Not just talk about them or tuck them away in a journal,never to be ventilated by action. We must believe that we have the power to level the playing field,to give voice and shape to our…

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