1-on-1 with

1-on-1 with

Kimberly is currently teaching [name of course] and is not scheduling private sessions until [date]. Join the waitlist now and we’ll email you when Kimberly’s schedule opens up.

what to expect

No one private session is the same. I can’t tell you exactly what will come forward or what the exact roadmap for our time together will be.

What I can tell you is this:

I am highly focused and intuitively plugged in when we meet. I open all of my channels, call on all guides that want to be present (yours and mine included), with an intent to speak to the questions, challenges, hopes, and dreams that you bring.

I am not psychic. I don’t predict the future.

However, I DO “read the field” as an Intuitive. I hear, see and feel things that can direct me to understand what you might not be seeing, what blocks might exist in your body (energy and physical), and how you can begin to unlock new pathways to achieve different results.

There will be dialogue as well as energy and embodiment work in all sessions. If you happen to live in Boulder, Colorado or would like to visit, I offer sessions in person that include hands-on work.

This work requires that you show up fully, that you be open-minded and open-hearted to new ways of experiencing things. After all, I imagine that’s why you are coming to me in the first place!

I will always be sensitive to your sensitivities, while committed to speaking the truth with kindness. My wish is for you to find points of breakthrough with our work together that allow you to continue moving forward on your own, with conviction and intention.

Session cost: $175/hr

This work is for
you if you are:

  • Needing support to move through a tough time in your life
  • Wanting to bring better communication to your primary relationships
  • Seeking insight and direction about your purpose and path in life
  • Interested in taking a good look at your unhealthy patterns of behavior and how you can change them
  • Motivated to take responsibility for your own process and progress
  • Prepared to immerse yourself in a new way of attuning to your life & your body

This work is not for
you if you are:

  • Seeking on-going talk therapy
  • Looking for someone to be a “yes person” or to fix things for you
  • Wanting an experience that keeps you comfortable and unchallenged
  • Skeptical about the power of subtle energies, spirit guidance and non-traditional approaches to healing
  • In need of clinical and/or medical support for diagnosed conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or similar conditions

praise from her clients

My experience with Kimberly went above and beyond what I expected. Although I went into the initial interview a bit apprehensive about the “intuitive” focus on her counseling services, she touched on key issues and I felt heard and very comfortable. Kimberly is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and at the same time addresses issues very honestly and directly. She asked questions that gently created the path for opening up, themes that needed exploration, and I eventually got to the grief healing I went in for. Thank you again and again, Kimberly. // I.V.

Working with Kimberly, I have watched myself grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. She has helped me shed later after layer, climb mountains and live my life to its full potential. Professionally, Kimberly has helped me see and believe in the possibilities that exist and in doing so, I have been able to move through, around and over obstacles that would have most likely stopped me in my tracks. This experience has been life changing and I feel completely blessed and fortunate to have Kimberly be a part of my life. // RAY

Kimberly is a wonder! A genuine healer, intuitive, beauty, and light in the world. Our work together has truly changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. Her seemingly endless patience and compassion allow me to uncover parts of myself that are stuck and to gain the confidence to delve into areas that previously felt too scary to explore. Since working with her, I have become more embodied, more confident, and gained physical and emotional strength. // JILL

I have met many people with beautiful gifts of guidance and healing, and I write this to speak to the depth and breadth of Kimberly’s offerings. It’s called range. Kimberly has such a refined awareness of subtle and soul energies that meet the practical necessities of health in the body; many people I have met often work on one end of this spectrum or another. Kimberly is the rare person who has integrated this whole range into a body of work that is both as subtle as I have known and as physically palpable as I have needed. I am so grateful to have been touched by Kimberly and her work. // FINN

Working with Kimberly has helped me access parts of myself that I normally don’t connect with on my own. After visiting with her, I am able to meet myself, my challenges and my life with greater compassion and lightness. The work doesn’t “fade away,” in my experience. Rather, it reveals and extends itself in ways that continually surprise and delight me. // TRACEY

Kimberly is more than a little helpful – she’s been downright PIVOTAL for my growth, evolution, and peace of mind. She helps me move and release stuck emotional and energetic energy and can strengthen and invigorate other areas of my system/body that need support.  She can speak with my guides and shines an inspiring and encouraging light forward so that I can step with more confidence and grace onto the path that lies ahead. // MARY

Over the course of the last 4 years, I have been fully leaning into various life traumas that were manifesting through my body as inflammation, tissue and bone degeneration, cortisol dysregulation, and neuropathy, all coming and going in big waves. During this time, Kimberly has acted as my “mission control,” helping me to work with the most challenging parts of myself, bringing me back to ground safely again and again with love and care. // THOMAS P.

Kimberly embodies kind teaching, directed positive energy, spirituality, listening to mind body and energy. Her ability to read a person’s heart, mind and energy paths is amazing. Kimberly taught me how to open up to the world without shutting down when things get hard, to becoming aware of the presence of spirit guides and what they have to say to help me grow and find Joy in life. // KELLY

Not sure how this work might
specifically apply to your life?
Read on.

I refer to my work as intention-based. I like the word intention because it is broad and gives a lot of room for interpretation, while still implying a sense of focus and action.

intention |inˈtenCHən| – noun : a thing intended; an aim or plan

Identifying and breaking old patterns of behavior

Connecting more deeply to your guides and guardians

Developing a more conscious connection to your body

Moving through difficult emotional content: fear, grief, confusion

Addressing a specific longing that you have – something that you want to attract in your life (job, partner, friendship, community, creativity, purpose)

Learning more about your tendencies to unconsciously undermine your inner power and strength and how to shift to more intentional choices

Attending to any major life transition (moving, marriage, death, divorce, leaving/starting a relationship, changing jobs, starting/ending school)

Understanding how your blood family and ancestry have affected your development and taking steps to embrace or let go of certain aspects of your heritage

Due to the nature of this work – which is impossible to measure objectively – I do not provide refunds. Please take some time to read what others have to say about working with me to understand the quality and effectiveness of what I do.

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