BodyMantra is an unchoreographed movement practice designed to help participants develop and strengthen the qualities of presence, self-awareness, trust, and authenticity in their lives.

The body possesses a vast well of knowledge about all that we are capable of, as well as the wounds and old stories that are limiting our fullest self-expression. BodyMantra catalyzes and supports an investigation of this inner landscape through personal, interpersonal and spiritual inquiry.

Facilitated by BodyMantra founder Kimberly Jonas, participants are encouraged to follow the natural impulses of the body – to find movements and gestures that help establish a connection to the physical and emotional bodies. Movements can be subtle and small or wide and expansive. Sometimes you’ll come to sweat, sometimes you’ll come to slow down. We move both alone and with others in this practice, as both provide powerful insights into our experience as human beings.

Kimberly develops evocative music scores to serve as a backdrop for the journey, including rhythms and sounds from classical, jazz, pop, world beat and blues genres.

In the world of BodyMantra, we don’t shy away from the hard stuff – difficult material that we might tend to avoid because it feels unfamiliar or puts us on shaky ground. In fact, this practice encourages participants to dive more deeply into these realms: self-doubt, judgment (of others and of self), shyness, shame, regret, grief, and fear. We turn to meet these aspects of ourselves with the intention of learning more about our most limiting behaviors, which in turn leads to their transformation over time.

As we traverse the landscape of more challenging or hidden personal material, we begin to learn more about our needs in the areas of safety, intimacy, relationship, health, self-care, and authenticity. We come to see where we have been playing it small and not stepping into our fullest potential. How we have allowed aspects of ourselves to become suppressed, covered up, or flat out ignored.

BodyMantra provides a forum for participants to more fully investigate these tendencies and move toward more health, balance and ease.

The practice then spills into daily life. You will start to feel and see where changes need to be made. Where new practices and conversations are ready to be undertaken, and old, outdated behaviors put to rest.

This expansive inquiry is supported through the body-centered investigation of BodyMantra. You will be shaken and stirred by this practice. It is designed to take you far and wide, while simultaneously draw you closer to your True Self.

When you attend an immersive BodyMantra experience – a workshop or retreat – you will also be exposed to a marriage of mind, word and body. When we dig into material that is this complex, it is imperative that we build new neurological pathways and patterns of behavior that solidify our a-ha’s, breakthroughs and choice points. On retreat, we take the time to speak with other participants, learning how to invoke the power of impeccable speech and observation so that we are incorporating our work on a cognitive level. This allows the work you encounter through BodyMantra to integrate into your daily life, and thus bring you to new levels of self-awareness and alignment.

BodyMantra participants move in bare feet and the appropriate attire is clothing comfortable for moving and sweating (i.e. yoga pants, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops). If you need support for your feet, do not wear street shoes – only clean-soled shoes, please. Please also read our Etiquette Guidelines to learn more about respectful choices related to this practice.

Praise for BodyMantra

My favorite moments are when I stop moving and watch the mystery that is unfolding before me. Every class has offered me a glimpse into myself and the greater whole of existence at the same time. In the dance I have cried, shouted, jumped with joy, and become someone I didn’t even know existed.  Kimberly has been a beacon in my life guiding me through the darkness of healing with her soft and luminous presence. With her support I have healed the heartbreak of my little girl, allowing the strength of my woman to come through.  My life would not be the same without Kimberly, Body Mantra and the precious souls who are drawn here.

I’ve witnessed the energy shift in a physical space, in a room full of people, and within myself, simply by the mere presence of Kimberly Jonas. She can turn a dull, old room into a sanguine sanctuary. BodyMantra is her masterful creation, where a community of people come together to dance their heart and soul. It is a respectful and unconditional context in which Kimberly’s music selection evokes our authentic dance, whether we choose to be still or move wildly to the theme she has gently seeded. I believe Kimberly is one who “sees in the dark,” the quintessential healer, a master at tracking and tuning in, and who holds all that wants to emerge from the moment as sacred

BodyMantra has been part of my spiritual self care practice for 15 years.  As a therapist, I am grateful to have a place to move, shake and emote without words.  When my father was dying of cancer, it was the BodyMantra community that held me while I cried, met me in my anger, and comforted me in grief.  Kimberly’s presence and eloquent use of poetry and music support every body in the room holding the group with tenderness, compassion, and acceptance.

I like to call BodyMantra the Shaman’s sandbox. Each week, through a masterfully woven musical soundscape, I enter a shamanic journey that is deep and spiritually satisfying where I get to play with my friends in a space of childlike innocence. Short on words and beliefs, long on freedom of authentic movement, BodyMantra meets the needs of my heart, body and soul. Whether I’m dancing solo or with one to ten people, I always feel safe and honored as my journey unfolds moment by moment. I’m so grateful for Kimberly and this amazing community.

BodyMantra has become a very important part of my life in the last year and a half. It is not only a deeply fulfilling self-awareness and spiritual practice, it has become an essential experience as I open my heart again and surrender deeply into the magic of life. The energies of love and connection are palpable and Kimberly adeptly holds space for all internal climates that people experience during the dance. It’s this amazing embrace of love and safety that has supported me as I move a little further into the Great Unknown each and every week.

Kimberly is a master teacher, a teacher of teachers.  Her classes are attended by instructors of various movement forms and by world-class bodyworkers, all of whom find respite from their demanding schedules. But make no mistake…many of us have no formal movement training. Moving among these skilled movers and shakers, I forget my own limitations and am inspired by their level of practice. BodyMantra welcomes and embraces ALL, regardless of experience, and rather than feel separate or not good enough, I’m thrilled and delighted to participate in this organic web. I totally understand hearing a first-timer say, “I feel I’ve found my tribe.”

I’ve been dancing with Kimberly since 2005 now. Unlike a lot of dance teachers who tend to focus attention on themselves, Kimberly focuses your attention on yourself, your emotions and physical sensations. Not in a mental way that would make one self-conscious, but in a deep embodied way that encourages authenticity and exploration.  The environment is completely safe and supported, yet paradoxically, also completely free. She has a genius for putting together music, and the community of dancers is very closely knit without being at all cliquey.

“Dancing at BodyMantra in the presence of beautiful souls has been such a blessing to my life at so many levels. My body heals the injuries that years of sports and yoga have brought on as I allow whatever natural movements come Kimberly’s varied and inspired music from around the world. My heart opens gently to the warmth and support so palatable in the room. It’s so refreshing to be reminded that there is so much kindness in the world and taking time to dance in this environment helps me deal with the rough universe of daily life and find ways to thrive in the inevitable chaos of a mother of 3 engaging in my world will encounter. I have wept, laughed, loved and played on the beautiful currents of grace set by Kimberly’s genius intentions that allow each of us to find the breath and the calming spaces between the notes and movements.

Conscious, Gifted, Wise, Talented, Sacred Conduit, Authentic, Mastery, Soul-full, Caring, Loving, Ceremonialist are how I experience Kimberly Jonas. If you are seeking a regular sacred conscious dance experience within a real safe environment dancing with people who love to dance and explore their bodies innate individual and collective movement, Kimberly’s BodyMantra is the perfect fit. In my experience, BodyMantra is the best conscious dance experience in the Colorado Front Range!

When I enter into the intentional space that Kimberly skillfully creates and holds, I am welcomed into a safe haven where each individual in the room is honored and inspired to be truly present. With grace and infinite gentleness, Kimberly weaves a perfect blend of music, shamanic wisdom and sublime poetry to invoke deep personal experiences and shared understanding of dancing the journey we are all on together. I am allowed the space to make my way through the spectrum of my emotions and awareness, in communion with others, or in solitude, as needed. I have discovered profound layers in my journey through the process of witnessing and being witnessed in authentic expression.