Divisiveness is fed when the mind oversimplifies to black and white. When we seek a definitive line between right and wrong, particularly when that line is meant to be blurred, a varying shade of gray, an artistic representation of what we think we know.

In order for chasms to close, wounds to seal, our gaze must first be directed inward, our intention focused on conducting healthy self-examination so that we might see where cracks and fissures appear on our own heart, in our own mind. All attention given to those places within that steer us toward choices based on comfort, firm opinion drawn solely from the dusty catalogue of past experience.

It is with an open mind that we must approach our most challenging passages. A willingness to shed old skin that threatens to suffocate us from the inside out, expose ourselves to new strains of thought and action that we have previously kept at bay.

Differences must be considered fertile ground on which to walk, rather than held as the source point for new schisms. The mind used to discern how we might become more curious and expansive, rather than self-righteous and exclusive.

The stars we live beneath are governed both by science and mystery, a mix of certainty and divinity pulsing in the sky. As we stand beneath the heavens, we are invited to discover the same in how we approach humanity.

Seeking those moments that feel absolute, able to be cupped in the palm of our hand, while leaving space for the curve ball that comes streaking in, intent on changing our perspective.


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