Each spring, we are invited to enter into the magnificent and tumultuous turning of the earth. A rite of passage that asks us to shed the weight of winter, draw ourselves over the threshold from hibernation to revelation.

And while the show of spring is often punctuated by colors of innocence and buds fat with possibility, there is always a rumble beneath the surface as the land wakes itself from slumber and initiates the serious business of new birth. Rarely does she arrive without a call for some effort, the need for a measure of fortitude to push through, emerge into a vulnerable, raw state that does not promise immediate mastery.

This tender state requires our good care. A willingness to cradle a humble heart as we come face to face with the conditions of a new season, some familiar, others not. The breath must become steady so that we can remain present to the demands of growing new limbs, strengthening ourselves into roots and dirt, preparing for our most hearty, unchecked self-expression.

Have no doubt that there will be times when you flinch, prepare to turn and bury yourself anew so as to avoid that which feels alien and uncertain, frightening and unfamiliar. Be assured that these are the very moments that are asking for you to stay the course, sing out prayers like the vivid yellow finch that calls faithfully for the mate he has not yet seen.

These are the moments that will shape you into what you are becoming, give definition and outline to the new form that is rising, awakening from the inside out.


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