The times of wild convergence of perfect storms of nothing-is-going-to-slip-by-unnoticed-anymore. Of coming to grips with how we have gotten comfortable with the status quo, settled into the nest of our limiting behaviors – and how that isn’t going to cut it anymore.

We are being asked to step up to the plate of self-awareness and self-realization.

Not self-realization of the sort that implies ego inflation, better-than or I’ve-got-this-all-figured-out.

But the self-realization that is about coming to grips with the truth of why we are here and how we have been hiding out or kidding ourselves until now.

We are being urged to get real with ourselves about what makes us special and essential to the fabric of this planet, to have a conversation with our best and highest self-expression, while breaking down the old stories of unworthiness and shame that keep us from fully engaging that dialogue.

We are being given less and less room for excuse or self-abandonment. For the litany of reasons why we are so far off-course or disappearing into the pleasant purple haze of denial.

And, lest we descend into the depths of despair about our incapability or the magnitude of this call, we must remember that we have one great tool at our disposal that will cut through the din and swirl of These Times:

A consistent and conscious practice of staying true to ourselves.

The tidal waves and tornadoes aren’t going to subside anytime soon. Environmentalists are saying it. Astrologers are saying it. Our time in history is guaranteeing it.

And so it is up to us to find the eye of the storm. To seek the stillpoint that is always present amidst the frenzy. The one place where we can hear the inner voice that knows exactly where we stand, who we are, what we are here to do.

The voice that tells us truthfully how we have forsaken ourselves, acts as champion for change.

Only we can choose to not let outside forces convince us that it’s not worth it to stake a claim, shift the rudder, climb out of our ruts.

Only we can choose to seek and trust the guidance that comes from the inside out.

We are being entrusted. A larger arc of life is calling us out, insisting that we shift to a new level of awareness and action.

Not that we must martyr ourselves to the point of exhaustion or inaction. But rather, step to the edge of our comfort zone. Drop the story of woe-is-me or I-can’t or I’m-not-important-enough. Stem the primal urge to run for the panic room, fall asleep at the wheel.

We are being asked to get to the important business of seeking and tending our innermost truth.

Of returning to the still, wise stronghold within.



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