TRANSITIONS give us the opportunity to practice moderation. To enter into conscious communion with a gradual crescendo, an intentional, measured leaning toward our next step forward. Allowing our metamorphosis to progress graciously so that we can stand witness to and absorb each note of the transformation.

It is not a fault or defect that we are eager to get ahead, to step into the next adventure that awaits us without pause or hesitation, for that is part of the excitement of being human. Our ability to reshape instantly, leap toward the promise we cannot yet see.

And yet, there is something essential to the practice of allowing time to have its way, to unfold without interference, fertilized both by forbearance and anticipation. When our willingness to lean back, settle fully into the present moment can produce unexpected, potent revelation, ensure the arrival of all that we have been dreaming in its totality.

Yes, certainly there will be times when an abrupt change is inevitable, even called for. When a clean break from what was is the only thing that will yield what is meant to be.

The point is that we attune to the rhythm of each moment, tempering the tendency to push or pull, insist on a conclusion before it is ready to show itself. That we stand boldly at the crossroads of desire and patience, trusting that the path forward will reveal itself in perfect time.


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